Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Six-Year Donut

I'll try not to be mushy, but it just so happens that today is our six-year wedding anniversary (side note: we've been together for 11 years total!  I can't believe it either!).  How does one find the perfect gift that conveys exactly how you feel?  It can be a tricky business.  This is probably the part where I say something super cheesy about making him something from the heart - and I do tend to knit lots of gifts for Tyler, and they are from the heart, it's just that....we're not terribly traditional people (I did insist on having the wedding march played on kazoo in our backyard, poolside wedding).  Our collective idea of a 'gift from the heart' is usually a record (him) or a knitted creature (me).  If we overspend, it's because there were too many covetable records at Reckless (that could be either of us!), or someone (not me) wanted to get a gift certificate to Nina so I could get a sweater's worth of yarn.  No expensive jewelry, swanky dinners, or elaborate gifting here. 
Have I set the stage enough?  Alright it turns out, I ended up doing something a little more traditional this year....quite by accident. 
Apparently, the 'traditional' six-year anniversary gift is candy or iron (which really makes me question this whole 'traditional gift thing' - who thinks of these things?  candy?  iron?  simpler times, I guess...).  Curiously, the 'modern' gift is wood.  Go figure.  (Yet another side note - thinking I'll have to go trad for next year yet again - the seven-year gift is WOOL.  Tyler, are you reading this??  Wool! Please don't be buying me a desk set...)

So, in the end, I made him his very own anthropomorphized donut.  It's practical (duh!), it's personal (Tyler loves donuts!)'s traditional.

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