Friday, July 8, 2011

FO Friday - of Monsters and Monkeys

It's rare when I actually have (and remember to blog about) FO's for FO Friday, but I finished this funny little baby monkey this morning and just had to share!

Pattern:  Baby Monkey from Patons' Monkey Business Booklet

Yarn:  Stitch Nation Alpaca Love (MC, dark grey); Knit Picks Gloss (CC, light grey) and Pick Up Sticks' Small Balls in Cream (CC, off-white color)

Tyler likes him because his nubby little legs and disproportionately long tail act as a kickstand, allowing him to stand up on his own!

I also want to share my friend's first-ever Monster FO.  While Julie was visiting Chicago last weekend, she decided to revisit knitting and wanted to make a monster.  I set her up with some yarn, needles, and a Rebecca Danger pattern.  It was pretty hot out the entire holiday weekend, so there was ample time to sit in the air conditioning and knit.  I was really impressed that she had a completed monster to take home with her!  Further proof that knitting really is like riding a bike...but it's infinitely more addictive - we ended up making a journey to Loopy Yarns on the Fourth.  Good thing they were open, because Julie really wanted to stock up on monster yarn before heading home! 

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