Wednesday, July 6, 2011

WIP Wednesday?!

R.I.P., donut
It's been a while since I've posted any WIPs (or FO's, for that matter!)  I assure you, I have been knitting - there is no need to fear for my well-being.  I just happen to be knitting a lot of top-secret projects at the moment.

For example, I'm working on my first xmas project - yes, yes, I start my holiday knitting in June.  It's true!  I'm also finishing up a new summery sock pattern to be released later this month - I keep meaning to post teaser photos here, but so many other blogworthy items keep giving them the bump (you can, however, view a teaser photo in my Ravelry group!).

I've made a little progress on Tyler's sweater, but I can't say that it would be a terribly interesting photo to post - it's a big, black, stockinette-stitch, v-neck sweater.  'Nuff said. 

above:  monster parts.  below:  ostrich butt!
I have, however, been knitting a LOT of toys - it is the Summer of Toys, after all!  So what have I been making?
monkey parts.
  • I already posted about Lady Nubbins, but I thought she bore mentioning once more since the Mr. Nubbins KAL kicked off this whole "Summer of Toys" business.  
  • A friend wanted me to knit a dead donut for her boyfriend - I based it loosely on the Matie Trewe pattern, but I added several more rows on increases and decreases so that it was a super-size donut.  I also opted for a larger icing area (so, basically what I'm telling you is that I pretty much didn't follow the instructions at all, but I did glance at the pattern before I got started, so I wanted to give it props for sending me in the right direction).  
  • There's a pile of monkey parts sitting in my crafting room, waiting to become a sock monkey.
  • I finally broke down and started my Ursula and Uma monsters using the kit I got at TNNA from The Scarlet Fleece (I'm actually doing a casual KAL with a friend)
  • Yesterday I started my H.B.S. Society Summer of Toys KAL project, the Stuffed Ostrich toy from Malabrigo Book Three
I guess you can say I've been busy!  So what's on your needles right now??

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