Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Westknits KAL: Clue #4 (the end is near)

Early Monday morning, clue #4 arrived in my inbox, and of course I downloaded and printed it out as soon as I woke up!  I've been anxiously awaiting the arrival of this final clue so I could guesstimate whether or not I had enough yarn for a larger size.

On the plus side, if I only have enough yarn to make the smallest size, I can get to working on Clue #4 right away and, barring some unforseen circumstance (as they would say on Seinfeld), finish my project by the end of the month.  While I would really like to have a big 'ol scarfy-shawl to wrap up in this fall, I don't relish the fact that I would have to return to Clue #3 and do even MORE knitting before I can move on to the last clue.  It's a necessary evil, I suppose! 

It would also increase the probability that I would not finish this project in time (i.e. by the end of August).  I can accept that - I have no illusions that I'd win a prize in the midst of this KAL, though I certainly wouldn't protest if that were to happen.  But in light of all the knitting I need to get done from now til christmas, it's in my best interest to get this off the needles sooner rather than later....because it's just too distracting!

I haven't made much progress since Monday morning, sadly - I still have about 10 rows of knitting to go before I even get to Clue #4.  Here's hoping by the end of the weekend, I'll have something more exciting to report!

You can view a spoiler photo here! (I've reached the bunchy-and-tough-to-photograph stage of shawl knitting - that was bound to happen eventually, right?  I'll take that as a good sign!) 

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