Saturday, August 20, 2011

WestKnits KAL: Clue #3

I finished Clue #3....sort of.  I'm waiting for the next clue to come out before I commit to a size, so I've  currently worked to the smallest size of Clue #3.  The main concern, of course, is running out of yarn - I have plenty of the silver and multi colors, but I'm using leftovers for the navy.  I did happen to find ANOTHER leftover ball of navy in my stash - which gives me hope that I could at least make the medium size....but I would sure hate to run out and have to rip back.  

I'm really liking how my shawl is turning out - click here to see a spoiler photo!

Meanwhile, check out everyone else's KAL progress.  The WestKnits group is hoppin' - though I'm really scratching my head at the number of 'disagrees' pretty much every entry has received.  Really?  Is their color or yarn choice really that disagreeable?!  On the plus side, the 'loves' far outnumber the 'disagrees,' so I suppose I shouldn't worry.


  1. Those disagrees are the bane of my existence, Stefanie. There is only so much that can be done--we are asking everyone to disable their Disagree button. Sucks but our hands are tied.

  2. Right?! It seems so petty, it would be one thing if there was actually something to disagree with - but pretty much everything is just a WIP photo and a list of what yarns & colors are used. WTF, people!