Saturday, August 6, 2011

Linens, Doilies, and the Big Button Booty

I've been updating my etsy shop again!  I recently scored a big box of vintage linens from my great grandparents.  I'm slowly going through it to see what I absolutely must hang on to, but there's so much! I can't possibly store it all, much less use it in this lifetime.  I'd rather these pieces found a loving home, so I'm listing them in my etsy shop under a new section called 'vintage finds.'

Above are some examples of what you might encounter in 'vintage finds' - and once they're gone, they're gone! 

I've also been culling my personal button stash to bring my fellow crafters some fun little grab bags.  These mostly-vintage buttons are looking for a good home, and unlike other grab bags, I've made sure that there are plenty of matching buttons to offset the oddballs and one-of-a-kinds. 

I've assembled these Big Button Booty Grab Bags by color family or attribute and bundled them into a cute plastic sandwich bag with a pirate ship on it.  Who doesn't love anything with a pirate ship on it?  I mean, really! 

Almost all of the grab bags are five bucks (a few are four!) and if you mention that you read about Found Buttons or the Big Button Booty Grab Bags on my blog when you check out, I'll throw in some fun extras.  It's just the way I roll.  

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