Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Spotted in the Wild: Gifts to knit for a friend (or maybe yourself!)

Here's the latest crop of FO's from Ravelry users around the globe! 

Clockwise, from top left:

1. This cute version of my Kitchy Pleated Bag was knit by Rav user Spyoung.  She added an extra round of increases (and subsequently, an additional round of decreases) to make it even more puckered.  Cute and roomy - makes a great project bag or fun little tote for the bag addict in your life.

2. Lacy Summer Socks by Rav user birgit - these socks are a quick knit and a great way to use up 220-yard skeins of sock yarn! 

3.  Stuffed Ostrich the first - two have been added to the herd recently (do ostriches run in herds?  I have no idea).  Rav user Shinanigans says Mallie the Ostrich was a quick-knitting, unique gift!

4.  This smartphone cozy by Rav user annelive uses my whale chart - a fun way to protect your fancy phone with the magical powers of the whale!

5.  House of Mirrors fingerless gloves - this is the first official FO (other than my own, of course) on Ravelry!  Koviljka knit this pair super fast in a pretty red yarn.  You can really wow someone with this complicated twisted-stitch cable pattern that I promise isn't as complicated as it looks.  Really! 

6.  Stuffed Ostrich the second -  this cute fella was made by Rav user Elizza using Malabrigo worsted in Bobby Blue and what has to be the best-named yarn that ever lived for the contrast color:  Schmutzerella Yarns Sweet! in Mine is an Evil Laugh.

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