Friday, October 21, 2011

What a week!

First, I got the news that The Sanguine Gryphon (as we know them) will be no more.  I was really glad I was sitting down for that one, because I didn't see it coming!  It sounds like each person will be engaging in their own yarny pursuits, so it's not like they're lost and gone forever, but it's still pretty crazy news. I really enjoyed working with them when I designed the Heliotrope Stockings, so I'm hoping I'll have the opportunity to work with these fine people in some capacity.  At any rate, I wish them both the best!

Apparently, there was an oil spill in New Zealand.  Either I'm just living under a rock, or has the US media been too busy avoiding coverage on Occupy Wall Street and other various important news items?  Why does my phone's news ticker always tell me what Lindsay Lohan is doing or who got kicked off of Dancing with the Stars?  Google, you've got some s'plaining to do!

But as I was saying....there was an oil spill and now the adorable little penguins of New Zealand need our help!  A worldwide call for penguin sweaters has been issued - and I am answering the call!  I've always wanted to make a penguin sweater (don't ask me why).  I love the idea that a cute little penguin will a) be wearing a hand-knit sweater and b) be able to survive an oil spill because of something I've knit.  If you're wondering why a penguin would need a sweater, it's to keep the oil-soaked birds from preening (and poisoning) themselves, plus it and keeps them warm before and after they are cleaned by cleanup workers.  So yes, I'm casting on for a penguin sweater (perhaps a few!) and I hope you'll join me. 

Click here for a pattern and information on where to send your sweater(s).

In slightly less serious news...I've caught the mini skein mania, but not in the way you're thinking!  I've been culling my sock yarn collection to make Sock Yarn Mini Skein Grab Bags - each one is full of lovely colors of sock yarn, many that are one-of-a-kind, can't-get-anywhere-else colors from my days of dyeing yarn at Lorna's Laces!  I've become addicted to winding off these little skeins.  Destashing never felt so good...I just can't stop!   

So basically what I'm saying is...if you are of the Hexipuff persuasion, I've got what you need (and there are many more listings to come - best to just bookmark my Mini Skein shop!).  You can also send me a Ravelry PM if you'd like me to create a custom mini-skein grab bag! 

For those of you thinking to yourself, "what the what is a hexipuff?" right now, allow me to fill you in - The Beekeeper's Quilt is the latest cult pattern in the world of knitting - hexipuffers around the globe are making YouTube videos, swapping yarn, and knitting up a storm.  The mania, the addiction....the hexipuffs!  They even make great holiday decorations, if you can't commit to making an entire quilt. 
Superwash Merino Top in Festivus

I've also listed some one-of-a-kind superwash merino top in the Festivus colorway my pals and I dreamed up back in the days of Lorna's.  I dyed two for myself and the first one spun up beautifully - but I'm a little backlogged with the spinning fiber at the moment, and would rather send this bundle of awesome off to an appreciative new home.  Click here for more info!


  1. You ALWAYS inspire me with these posts! I connected with a few fellow knitters at my retreat this weekend! :)

  2. Thanks! I love how, once I find out someone is a knitter, I can talk their ear off for really is an instant bond!