Monday, October 17, 2011

Crazy or Brilliant? You Decide

Can you tell what's going on here? 
(The important thing is that I can!)
Sleeves two-at-a-time just makes sense.  No second sleeve syndrome, no sleeve length discrepancies or misplaced rows of shaping....I've often knit my sleeves at the same time for these reasons, both working flat and in-the-round as they case may be.  However, I've never knit them while attached to the sweater they belong to - because that is madness, right?

Perhaps I'm just masochistic, but I thought I'd give it a try - naturally, this necessitated having to place a Knit Picks order when I realized I didn't have a long enough cable in my interchangeable needle set...these are the kinds of sacrifices that must be made sometimes (and if the limited-edition Sugarbunny just happens to find its way into your cart, too...more on that later!).

Ok, so the cable finally arrives and it's time to put my hare-brained scheme into action.  My strategy?  Putting each ball of yarn inside the sleeve it belongs to - this was suggested to me by my pal Sam (of The Wool Dispensary fame) when I first started pondering this experiment. 

It's actually working, too - the only real problem is that the project has decidedly become a stay-at-home project, since you have to wrangle a full sweater and try not to let the working yarn from each sleeve fall out of it while you do so....but it's still better than having to deal with second sleeve sweater.  I'm kind of sold on this concept - I may even revisit this madness for future sweaters. 

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