Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Magic of Malabrigo

Alcaucil Sock: Tough to Photograph!
Since successfully destashing a good 75% (possibly more!) of my Malabrigo collection for Stockpile in October, it seems as thought just as much has found its way back into my life.  Not that I'm complaining....there are far worse problems than having luscious skeins show up on your doorstep!

I was randomly selected to win this skein of sock in one of my favorite colors, #805 Alcaucil - apparently, I properly tagged and classified all of my Stockpile projects.  At last, my anal-retentiveness and ability to follow directions have been rewarded!

I've got big plans for this yarn - I think it wants to be the model for the Heliotrope Stockings when I re-release this pattern in January...which reminds me:  if you want to knit this pattern in the next couple of months, I recommend you purchase it from The Sanguine Gryphon this week.  They are in the process of winding down operations, and  come Dec. 24th (or thereabouts), this pattern will be out of print until I can reformat & re-knit a model in yarn that is actually available - my estimated release date is mid-January.  Consider this your warning!

My Secret Santa from the Sweatshop of Love holiday party gifted me these lovely skeins of Worsted in #98 Tuareg and #507 Pigeon, and I'm pretty certain I'll be using them to make Here and There, an adorably stripey cabled hat by Veera Välimäki.  It's a rare day when I decide to knit a pattern in the same colors as the model shown, but there's something about this color combo that really grabs me.   

Above: Malabrigo Worsted
Middle: Here and There Hat
Below: Malabrigo Silky
Finally, my pal Sam destashed three skeins of Silky in #415 Matisse Blue.  They're destined to become a cute little cardigan....eventually!  I still have miles to go with my holiday knitting and quite the post-holiday queue to contend with.  It never hurts to be prepared, though....and I just happened to find this adorable free pattern from Hedgehog Fibres that will fit the bill nicely....

Abalone Cardigan from Hedgehog Fibres

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