Friday, December 2, 2011

Love for Minneapolis

The theme of today is Minneapolis.  Why, you ask?
Button Bunnies!

Reason #1:  The Button Bunny Kits I made in conjunction with The Wool Dispensary will be at the Sweatshop of Love booth at this weekend's No Coast Craft Fair!

Reason #2:  Earlier this week, I was the guest blogger/resident indie rock nerd on the Vegan Craftastic blog!  Click here to check out this fantastic Minneapolitan's blog (is that the proper term for a person who resides in Minneapolis?).  She has invited various guest bloggers to share their top picks for holiday gifting this year.  If you're scratching your head wondering what to get that hard-to-buy person in your family, let one of the many gift guides on the Vegan Craftastic blog point you in the right direction!
Everything you need, just add stuffing!

I've only been to Minneapolis a handful of times, and it's a lovely city (though unfortunately, we've never had much luck playing shows there for whatever reason - but that's a different blog post for a different day!).  For those of you who get to attend this week's awesome-sounding craft fair, please be sure to tell Alysson (at the Sweatshop of Love booth) that she's super-rad for playing hostess to these mischief-makers!

Twin Cities Headband from
The Sweatshop of Love

In fact, if you happen to say "Alysson Rocks" as you purchase a button bunny kit from her, she'll take $5 off the purchase price!  Why?  Because she rocks, obviously!  This secret password only works for the Button Bunny Kits, but don't let that keep you from checking out her huge selection of super-cute patterns, kits and read-made knits while you're at her booth!

While I'm at it, how 'bout a nice coupon code for those of you who can't make it to No Coast?  Enter "NoCoast4Me" here for $2 off your purchase of a Button Bunny PDF pattern from now til midnight this Sunday, December 4.  ETA: I Just found out that The Wool Dispensary is offering 20% off online purchases of Greater Poison with code "bunniesgonewild"!
Cable Change Purses from
The Sweatshop of Love

And, just in case you missed it before, each kit contains enough yarn (MC & CC) to make 1 each of all three bunny sizes, 3 pair safety eyes, 3 fun buttons, hard copy of pattern with PDF download code (and you'll be able to add it to your Ravelry bookshelf & receive updates, too!). All you need to add is the stuffing!

P.S. The Button Bunnies were also recently mentioned on the Doodlebug Yarns blog - click here to check it out, there is also a contest to win some oh-so-amazing yarn from The Fibre Company!

P.P.S. They will soon be available for purchase online through the Wool Dispensary website!

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