Saturday, July 13, 2013

Tour de Fleece: Week 2

I am currently visiting family, but don't worry - I have a foldable travel wheel for the occasion and I'm still spinning up a storm in the name of Team Woolery!

In fact, I am working on some gorgeous merino/silk fiber I recently purchased from The Woolery:

The purple-y fiber on the right came with me to KC, and the fiber on the left is currently in progress on my Ladybug at home:

I also bought some natural polwarth top that I was planning to ply with a Finn single I've had sitting around for a few months now:

Even though I've been spinning every day since the Tour de Fleece started, I really don't have any finished skeins to show for it - how is that possible?! I do have a bunch of singles, however...and I'm running out of bobbins! I still haven't plied the Wine Country or custom dyed top from last week, though the fiber I've got in progress on my Ladybug will hopefully be a good match for the Sweet Georgia single.

I spent most of the holiday weekend spinning the above singles of various leftover wool bits that have been lurking in my stash. Before I left town, I plied them together into my first-ever 3 ply yarn:

I am kind of in love with these skeins! Who would have guessed that a bunch of orphan fibers would produce such pretty yarn?

Thanks for joining me for another Spinning Saturday! I'd love to hear about your Tour de Fleece progress in the comments! 

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