Saturday, July 20, 2013

Spinning Saturday - Tour De Fleece Week 3

The Tour de Fleece ends tomorrow, which means that I am going to be spinning like mad this weekend. Before I left for vacation, I was nearly done with a merino/silk single to ply with one of the first singles I completed during the tour (Wine Country BFL/silk from the Sweet Georgia Fibre Club). This week, I managed to finish what was on my wheel and ply the two together, and I am so thrilled with the results!

I also took some leftover singles and plied them together, with not-as-exciting results:

Today, I am going to try to finish the Polwarth that is on my Ladybug:

And I am also going to try to finish the second Merino/Silk single that is on my Victoria so that I can ply it with this overfilled bobbin (I may have gotten carried away) of the same fiber and color:

With any luck, I'll be spending Sunday plying up a storm! 

Thanks for joining me for another Spinning Saturday! I'd love to hear about your Tour de Fleece progress in the comments! 

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