Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wooly App & WIP Wednesday

Wooly App

I was first introduced to the Wooly App when I was researching an article for Yarn Market News; shortly thereafter, I ran into them at YarnCon here in Chicago, though I was in such a daze from all of the pretty yarns and fibers, I didn't spend much time in their booth. Recently, I came across their Kickstarter campaign to create a juiced-up new version of the app for iOS users (think iPhone and iPad), with the possibility of creating an Android version, too!

John Stys (one of the developers) lives here in Chicago, and we met up earlier this week to talk more about the Wooly app and their Kickstarter campaign, which is getting very close to their funding goal with 13 days to go!

John showed me the current version of the app, which is a reader for the notebook section of the user's account and also features a nifty photo editor that allows you to take and edit photos to upload directly to your Ravelry account. It's got a great look and feel - you'd never guess that this was a homebrewed app which is programmed completely in-house! Dave & John Stys are both brothers who share a love for knitting and and technology, and they've got BIG plans for version 2.0 of the Wooly app (and beyond!).

Screenshot: current interface
(watch their Kickstarter video
for a sneak peek at v2.0!)
Here's just a partial list of new features in Wooly 2.0
  • Pattern Search!
  • Offline access - your notebook content stored on your device
  • Filter and sort results
  • Add to queue
  • Cast on/create a project from a pattern
  • Sharing
  • Projects (list, create, edit, add photos, share)
  • Queue (add to queue, re-order, edit, share)
  • Stash (view list, details, edit, add, yards remaining, share)
  • Needles (view inventory chart, add/edit/delete needles, share)
  • Friends (view friends and their projects
  • Messages (Ravelry inbox, read and compose)
Click here to learn more about their Kickstarter campaign - please consider making a pledge and sharing it with your knitting buddies! If you don't select a reward that includes a free download of the Wooly app, you might want to purchase it now so that you can get the free upgrade when version 2.0 is live.

I am really excited about this app and am really hoping they can exceed their goal so that an Android version becomes a reality, too!

WIP Wednesday

I don't have many projects I can share with you this week, but I have made some significant progress on my MadTosh shawl - last night I started the ribbed border!

Thanks for joining me this week! For more WIP Wednesday inspiration, visit the Tami's Amis Blog!

You might like to know: I didn't receive any compensation for this endorsement of the Wooly App Kickstarter campaign - just wanted to spread the word and support our awesome knitting community! 


  1. I'm thinking I need that app, too many times I have been yarn shopping and needing my notes, thanks for the req.

    1. No problem, I'm always happy to enable!