Monday, February 2, 2015

February Goals

Instead of making sweeping resolutions of all of 2015 which I will probably forget about by the spring, I have decided to set monthly goals for the sake of manageablility. I know there are several bloggers who have been using this idea to great effect (though can I pull any of those names out of the air right now as I type?! No! If you can recall the names of these blogs, please feel free to name-check and post links in the comments!), so I don't think I'm really introducing a novel concept per se. However, it's already February and I haven't mentioned anything about my 2015 crafting goals yet, with the exception of talking about a monthly spinning project here. For shame!

In addition to a monthly spinning project, I want to could get through my design backlog and publish something new at least every other month. Originally, I wanted to shoot for every month, but I know that's just not practical for me, especially when designing is still very much a side gig.

My crafting goals specific to February include:
  • Weave one Zoom Loom square each day this month to build up a nice stash for making some projects from Margaret Stump's Pin Loom Weaving book.
  • Complete the Foliage Cowl for the Holla Knits KAL which starts today. 
  • Complete my Curls KAL project (currently in progress).
  • Finish 2 baby sweaters this month (one which is already in progress and one which is needle adjacent)
  • Finish my Block Island Pullover by the end of this month. 
  • Complete one spinning project from start to finish. 
  • Release a new pattern.

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  1. I love the term "needle adjacent"!