Friday, February 27, 2015

February Goals Revisited

28 Zoom Loom Squares!
Now I just have to find a project for them...
With February coming to a close tomorrow, I wanted to spend today taking stock on this month's goals:
  • Weave one Zoom Loom square each day this month to build up a nice stash for making some projects from Margaret Stump's Pin Loom Weaving book. Completed! I took the liberty of weaving my final two squares ahead of time so that I have all 28 to photograph & share today. 
  • Complete the Foliage Cowl for the Holla Knits KAL which starts today. Completed! This project was knit in under a week, and I blogged about it here.
  • Complete my Curls KAL project (currently in progress). Not even close! 
  • Finish 2 baby sweaters this month (one which is already in progress and one which is needle adjacent). Halfway There: the sweater-in-progress from the beginning of the month is complete, but I haven't even started the needle adjacent sweater due to some design deadlines which popped up earlier this month. 
  • Finish my Block Island Pullover by the end of this month. Nope! Still working on those sleeves....
  • Complete one spinning project from start to finish. Completed! I spun through the 4oz of HANDSPIN fiber and blogged about it here.
  • Release a new pattern. Completed! The Sweetest Baby Hat was officially released on Friday, February 6.
February Fail: Still on the Needles!
All in all, not too bad considering I gained two unexpected design jobs about a week into February which are both due at the end of March, causing me to re-prioritize my WIPs. I plan to spend this weekend working primarily on those designs in order to free up some knitting time for March. In fact, I'll be sharing my March goals next Monday here on the blog. See you then, and have a crafty weekend! 

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