Friday, February 20, 2015

FO Friday: MCN Baby Sweater

I finished the all-in-one-piece baby sweater I've been knitting!  I used the Classic Cashmere Sweater pattern from Erika Knight's Simple Knits for Cherished Babies; but instead of closing the back with a ribbon, I made a small tab with a crochet chain and sewed on this adorable button which was gifted by my pal Lauren.
It's for a very special baby who surprised her parents by making her appearance two months early - while her Mom was visiting family and friends in New Mexico! Luckily, baby is doing well and getting stronger every day, and both parents are able to stay in New Mexico while she does so. There is a GoFundMe set up to help them cover all of the expenses associated with their extended stay away from their home, for those of you who are wondering about such things.
Getting back to the sweater....I wanted to knit with the most luxurious yarn possible so that she has something nice and soft to wear when she was ready to graduate to actual clothing. I chose a hand-dyed MCN yarn from Zen Yarn Garden in a special colorway that's dyed exclusively for A Good Yarn Sarasota, Frilly Fiji - I like to think of it as a more sophisticated girl baby color option.
Since I was already mailing the sweater, I decided to also include the samples for my Sweetest Baby Hat & Socks so that she could be head to toe in luxurious hand knits!

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