Monday, February 23, 2015

Yarn Enabling: Manos Alegria

Ever since Alegria was introduced from Manos del Uruguay, it's been on my must-knit list. It wasn't until just this month that the perfect opportunity presented itself: I'm working on a new design for an upcoming Holla Knits collection!
I've enjoyed working with the other Manos yarns I've tried, and the fun colorways combined with a lovely base of superwash merino & polyamide made requesting Alegria for my design absolutely irresistible. Each yarn comes from a co-op in Uruguay and is certified Fair Trade, which means that your yarn purchase supports the livelihood of rural women, providing them with fair pay, good working conditions, health insurance, and more (you can read more here on the Fairmount Fibers blog).

Each yarn is signed by the artisan, telling you the name of the person who made your yarn and which co-op it came from:
I can't wait to share my design with you when it comes out later this year. In the mean time, make sure that Alegria is on your to-do list for 2015!

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