Wednesday, November 4, 2015

WIP Wednesday: Progress?!?

What a difference a week has made....for some projects! With the Royals in the World Series, I found myself doing a tour of dimly-lit bars to watch as many games as I could (my very lucky husband actually got to go to Game 2 at Kauffman Stadium last Wednesday!). This meant that I needed to work on projects which didn't require too much of my attention, and so my go-to project became a pair of socks which I never blog about (more on them later this week) and the sleeves for my Pennant Cardi. The night the Royals won the World Series, I finished the sleeves and was ready to join them to the body of the sweater as soon as I got home!
Of course, now I need to spin the yarn which I'll be using for the colorwork in the this project will be on the back burner til that happens.

Even though my Broad Shoulders KAL project doesn't leave the house, I managed to make some some decent progress - as you can see, I finished the left front and am now about halfway through the back!
I am also very close to the halfway mark on my Skeino Entrelac Cowl. This project is proving to be a very good one to take when riding the bus or train!

The only project which hasn't gotten a ton of my knitting time recently is my shawl for the Miya KAL. I am actually looking forward to picking this back up now that the series is over and I have more brain power to expend towards knitting. It's going to be such a pretty shawl when I finish it!

In other exciting news, one of my favorite products is hosting a bunch of giveaways this week over on Instagram! Click here to check out their feed & find out how you can win a Gleener of your very own. Don't forget to follow their account while you're there, I'm sure they'd appreciate it!

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  1. Wow, your entrelac cowl is particularly wonderful!