Wednesday, November 18, 2015

WIP Wednesday: All the Progress

You may have noticed I took Monday off from blogging (or perhaps you didn't notice at all, except for now I just drew attention to that fact). I took a four-day weekend to celebrate my "birthday staycation," which was pretty much just four days filled with doing as many craft projects as possible, mostly of the knitting variety. I probably made the most noticeable progress on my yak sweater, which is so. close. to. being. done. Please excuse the indoor photos and lighting, it has been really dark and rainy all week!
Check out that oh-so-subtle gradient yoke:
The Royals-inspired striped baby cardi with my Spinzilla prize yarn has also seen quite a bit of progress since last week:
I continued to work on my one-pattern-repeat-a-day quota for the Miya Shawl KAL, and over the weekend I passed the halfway point - just look at how loooooong and hard-to-get-in-frame it's become!
The spinning wheel also got dusted off as I embarked on a sheep to sweater project using 3 pounds of Louet Swalesdale fiber. I filled a bobbin on Monday which will be the first of many, I'm sure.
Lastly, I started a project which has nothing to do with knitting, crocheting or spinning. Several months ago, I bought a project kit to sew a cat head garland, and I decided that I would sew one each day over the course of this week so that I can assemble the whole thing over this coming weekend.
That's pretty much it for this week, thanks for stopping by!

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