Monday, November 2, 2015

En Français!

I'm excited to announce that one of my patterns is now available in French! I was recently approached by a Raveler who offered to translate my Chittery Chattery sock pattern into French, and I couldn't say no!

Thanks to Guy (also known as tricotman on Ravelry), this free pattern is now available in both English and French. I took 5 years of French, but couldn't even pretend that I know enough to translate a knitting pattern, so I am quite appreciative of Guy's efforts. He noted that my super-clangy title was a big of a challenge for him to translate: "avoir un brin de jasette" or "piquer une jasette" translates to "having a chat" in Québec. Close enough for me!

Guy has a blog of his own which is in French located here - it's worth checking out, you can definitely get the gist of it through Google translate.

The Chittery Chattery socks are available as a free download in your choice of English or French here on Ravelry & are part of the Conversation Socks eBook.

Now that all of the Conversation Socks patterns are available as individual PDF downloads (in addition to the discounted eBook), I wanted to make these simple socks available for free as a preview of the rest of the collection. If you enjoyed knitting these socks, consider giving another pattern from the Conversation Socks collection a try!

Note: the rest of the Conversation Socks patterns are not available in French.

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  1. that's so exciting! those socks look awesome, I'm not surprised french knitters want in on the fun. Yay to Guy for the translation!