Wednesday, November 11, 2015

WIP Wednesday: Under the Sweater Weather

On Monday night I started to have that feeling that I was coming down with something. Lo and behold, I got the cold that's been going around, and spent most of yesterday on the couch, attempting to accomplish some work to-do's (there are no sick days for the self-employed). I can always tell I'm not feeling well when it's even tough to knit, and I had a hard time getting through even the simplest rows on Tuesday night.

Thankfully, it was a productive weekend. I spun both gradient singles for my yak cardigan and am in the process of plying them together this week.
I also conquered the back piece of my Broad Shoulders KAL sweater; all that remains is the right front, two sleeves, and a button band - I can totally finish all that by December 13!
My Spinzilla prize was a gift certificate to Purl & Loop, and I received my order on Monday and couldn't resist casting on for a stripey baby sweater using Allyson Dykhuizen's Baby Sweater Buffet pattern: 
And I am still working on the Miya Shawl; I realized that I just had to knit one 12-row repeat each day in order to finish by November 30. I fell a bit behind at the start of the week, but plan on giving this project some extra attending this weekend, which has been decreed a 4-day Birthday Staycation. I am counting down the minutes! 
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Lots of fun things, but that spinning is especially lovely. Feel better!

  2. hope those germs didn't come from me :( ... your projects look great!