Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2018 Ravelry Challenge / 2019 Make Nine

I didn't make resolutions for 2018, but when Ravelry added the Challenge feature to to the Notebook section back in the spring, I randomly picked a number of projects I'd try to complete before the end of the year. At the time, 50 FO's didn't seem like it would be that difficult, but I suppose it was a lofty goal, especially since I've been focusing more on bigger projects such as sweaters. I fell short of the goal, but came closer than I thought I would with 40 finished projects as of midnight on December 31, although it looks like my 11th hour finish, a test knitting project, didn't get logged in the final count:

I assume that the Challenge feature will be a yearly occurrence, in which case I think I'll shoot for quality over quantity. There are a lot of inspirational #2019makenine posts on Instagram and I think that type of challenge might be more my speed, and also in line with my current goal of wardrobe building.

Besides knitting more sweaters, what would really challenge me in 2019 is to step outside of my comfort zone. For example, I'd like to get better at sewing so I can replace some of the basic tops in my closet that have gotten holes over the years, but I can't bear to toss because I can't find suitable replacements in stores. And while it's not part of my wardrobe-building agenda, I would also like to weave a few projects for the house since I've spent the last 2 years primarily weaving scarves. It's time to explore some new territory with my loom!

So with all of that in mind, here is my 2019 Make Nine:

1. Linden Sweatshirt (sewing)
2. Lark Tee (sewing)
3. Weave a Bath Mat
4. Hitofotude Cardigan
5. Snow Thank You Pullover
6. Undone Sweater
7. Weave a Towel
8. From Another Place Sweater
9. Sweetness Pullover

Of course, I'm pretty sure I'll make more than just 9 things in 2019 (but definitely less than 50!). Maybe 30 or 40 FOs in 2019 would be more realistic...I can always bump it up if I need to!

What are your crafting plans for 2019?

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