Wednesday, November 10, 2010

speaking of robin...

unsuccessful attempt to hide from the vet.
how strange that i posted all those FO photos with robin in them last week...who would have guessed that, in the time since then, robin would fall ill and be diagnosed with chronic renal failure (CRF)?  certainly not me, but that's what has transpired since then.  it's not as dire as it sounds - his numbers are elevated, but not critical or acute, and everyone we've spoken with is extremely optimistic that we can control his symptoms through diet and fluid therapy.  he's not in pain, and he's only unhappy because he's been getting so much face time with his nemesis the vet.  all signs are pointing to him leading a good, long life, as long as we are careful to monitor him and keep him healthy. 

poor little guy is having an extended stay at the moment, where he is receiving an iv treatment to flush his kidneys and get his numbers down to a manageable level.  once they are satisfied with his progress, he can come home to snuggle!  it's been a stressful couple of days, but now that we know what we're up against, things feel a little less scary. 

tilly seems a little confused as to robin's whereabouts, but i think the terror of the patio door installation that took place all day yesterday superceded any feelings she might have on the subject of robin.  she spent the greater part of the day hiding in the closet - there's a nice pillow on a shelf that she has adopted as her bed, and that is where she chooses to spend her time whenever outsiders are in our midst. 

i did finally get some FO photos of the peak's island hood, which i was wearing out and about til the indian summer came back full force over the weekend.  this is the least silly pose i am capable of while wearing what is, essentially, and adult bonnet.  i don't say that to knock the pattern - it's beautiful!  but it's a certain kind of person who can rock a hooded scarf, and though i may not be of that ilk, i don't really care so long as i'm warm.  also, i am still in awe of how soft this project got after soaking it in hair conditioner.  i'll have to use that trick more often!!

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