Sunday, September 11, 2011

For the love of Hiya-Hiya

First, the disclaimer: I wasn't solicited or paid to write this entry - I just really like Hiya-Hiya needles.  When I was at the TNNA show in Columbus last June, I did get a free pair of #2 circs from the nice people in the Hiya-Hiya booth, however - otherwise, I just want to share the love!

I've been using Hiya-Hiyas for years - when I worked at Lorna's, we frequently would pool our collective resources to order a big, magical box of needles.  That was when I first got hooked on them - for one thing, you can't beat the price.  And for the money, they perform well - to be honest, I like them better than a lot of those "expensive" brands.  Not only that, but each package of needles usually comes with a prize - a darning needle, a stitch marker, a blocking pin.  It's sort of like Cracker Jack, but with knitting needles!

Yes, it's nice to splurge now and again - and some splurges are worth it! - but it's also great to have affordable basics that never let you down.  If I didn't already have a set of interchangeables that I'm happy with (I have the Knit Picks Options set), I'd be all over these cute new needle sets Hiya-Hiya just came out with. 

It's nice to know that you don't have to part with too much of your hard-earned cash just to get quality crafting supplies - leaving more room in the budget for yarn!  Who can't get behind that?!

(That's especially great news for me - Yarn Con is just around the corner!)

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