Sunday, September 25, 2011

YarnCon Recap

Swimming in candy.
Since Mr. Nubbins didn't get to go to Renegade or Stitches this year, I thought I should finally humor him and let him hitch a ride to YarnCon in my Wool Dispensary project bag.  Mr. Nubbins made a lot of friends on Saturday - he even spent some time hanging out in the candy bowl at the Windy City Knitting Guild table.  I managed to catch him before he ate all of the lollipops, fortunately.

Sam is the yarn dyer!
(Side note: I joined the WCKG at the beginning of the year but have yet to make it to a meeting - something always gets in the way!  Before it used to be work or a show, now it's stupid things like me forgetting because I was on a bus that got hit by a car - which actually happened last Tuesday!  The funny thing about that was, I was marooned fairly close to where the meeting was taking place, but because of my extreme annoyance at the situation, all thoughts of the meeting went out of my head as I concentrated on my Plan B for Getting Home. Anyway, it was nice to finally meet all of the Guilders at YarnCon!)

I'm so pleased to say that The Wool Dispensary was a hit at YarnCon.  I've been rooting for Bree and Sam these many months as they prepare for their first official foray into fiberdom.  Their booth was quite popular throughout the day, and I'm excited to see what everyone starts knitting with their yarns!

Sam & Bree = The Wool Dispensary
Copyright All rights reserved by Sarah Morton
I also made sure to stop by The Sweatshop of Love booth - it's always nice to run into Alysson!  She had some supercute kits (I'm partial to the Hello Sailor Knot Necklace) and was teaching as well (you can sign up for classes here - she's an excellent teacher!).  Alysson is now officially a Friend 'o' Nubbins....and we might have hatched a plan or two while chatting at the show.  More on that at a later date!

Button Bunnies!
CopyrightAll rights reserved by Sarah Morton
Besides The Wool Dispensary, which goes without saying that they were my #1 favorite yarn (except I just said it....oops), I fell in love with some of the gorgeous colorways from Grinning Gargoyle, Fleur de Fiber, and Another Crafty GirlHappy Fuzzy Yarn also had some nice yarns (and spinning fiber), and I really liked the Evermore Studios booth, both in terms of their neatly-organized display and the pretty yarns they had on sale! 

Tightrope Socks & TWD Posters
Copyright All rights reserved by Sarah Morton
So what did I buy at YarnCon?  Nothing.  Yes, nothing.  Don't get me wrong - I wanted to buy a ton of stuff - so many beautiful yarns and project bags and stitchmarkers and other doodads....but my monthly budget has been blown by this whole car nonsense, and for once in my life I thought I'd practice a little self-restraint (and do myself a favor in the proverbial long run).  So I took mental notes and collected business cards and plan to visit a few peoples' booths who will be at the upcoming DIY Trunk Show

Postscript:  If you'd like to be a friend of Mr. Nubbins, just enter "FriendONubbins" at checkout to receive $2 off your purchase of this pattern! Then be sure to share your newest trouble-making addition to the Mr. Nubbins Army here!

Also, a huge thank-you to Sarah Morton for letting me use some of her awesome photos! You can view all of her photos of The Wool Dispensary @ YarnCon here.

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