Thursday, May 31, 2012

Oh Such Hats!

After spending the last year knitting tons of cowls and triangular scarves, I have upset the ratio of hats to scarves in my house.  Luckily, it's pretty easy to even the keel - just make a ton of hats this summer!  This coincides nicely with the arrival of the Knitter's Pride Cubics Special IC Set I've been drooling over (yet again, I have enabled myself in the course of doing my job*!).  The deal with these is that they have shorter tips that, when used with the enclosed cord, produce a 16" circumference....perfect for hat-making.

Roscoe Village Hat!
I don't think they were in the house a full 24 hours before I had to cast something on to try them out. I've been meaning to make the Roscoe Village Hat from Breean Elyse Miller's Hot Child in the City collection for a while now, so I grabbed my handspun yarn I'd set aside for the project, assembled my needles, and cast on! This hat was a nice, easy knit, though I'm not sure the dark-colored handspun properly shows off the slight texture of the dot stitch pattern.  However, it does look pretty cool with the slight gradations of color, and it will complement the Age of Brass and Steam scarf I made earlier this year using the same yarn.  

Union Long Beanie
This past weekend, I cast on for another hat I've been dying to make: the Union Long Beanie by Connie Chang Chinchio.  Instead of using the yarn that's called for, Himalayan Trail, I'm going to try subbing in Lhasa Wilderness (both yarns are from Bijou Basin Ranch) - I picked up two skeins of a beautiful bright blue color via a Craftsy deal last month.  I have grandiose plans to make even more hats from Weekend Hats (where this pattern is from) over the summer: I've picked out my colors for Gudrun Johnston's Hued Toque, I'm newly addicted to The Fibre Company's Road to China and would love to make a Glashutte Hat, and I'm thinking that the Topiary Beanie would look great in the skein of Graphite Tosh Merino Light I ordered a while back from Doodlebug Yarn. Oh, and I've test knit a top-secret hat - twice - which I should be able to unveil in the weeks to come.

Have I replaced Mad Cowl Disease with Mad Hatter's Syndrome? Let the Summer of Startitis begin! 

*Full disclosure: these were sent to me by a client for free.  

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