Monday, May 21, 2012

Spotted in the Wild, Part II: The ones that got away

A few finished projects flew in under my radar, which is a shame since this first one especially would have been timely if I'd shared it on here when it was still fresh.  Presenting Zipper the Easter Bunny, who was knit in a day on March 28th (see what I mean?) by Rav user mimulus.  Oh so adorable! The main color is Plymouth Encore Worsted Tweed with some mystery yarn for the contrast pocket.  Take note for next year, I suppose!

(you should also check out mimulus' blog - there is an awesome pattern for a Distinguished Gentleman's Wig awaiting you!)

This second finished project was the March Monthly Mystery Project for Tangled Purls in Salem, OR.  A while back, they contacted me for permission to use my free pattern for the Reversible Cabled Wrist Warmers in a class - and naturally, I said yes!  Then, as is my wont, I completely forgot about it til I came across BlueDragon's finished project on Ravelry.  Hoping to see more finished wrist warmers from the Pacific Northwest (or anywhere else in the world, for that matter)!  

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