Friday, September 27, 2013

FO & Fiber Friday: Handspun Hats & Hand-Dyed Fiber!

Before I left on my surprise trip to Kansas City last weekend, I whipped up a few quick hats with my handspun yarn. The bin is overflowing, and with Spinzilla just over a week away, I've got to make some room for all of the new yarns I'll be spinning during the event!

The darker hat is some pretty merino fiber I purchased at The Yarn Barn of Kansas and spun into a bulky weight 2-ply; it's a charcoal grey with bright pops of fiber combed throughout. I didn't use a pattern, but just cast on some stitches to knit a ribbed border, then worked in stockinette the rest of the way.

The brown hat is a 2-ply spun from some natural brown BFL and a hand-dyed BFL roving I purchased at the Renegade Craft Fair a few years ago. I used the Svalbard hat pattern from Kelbourne Woolens, which lent itself to handspun surprisingly well!

While I was in Kansas City last weekend, I dropped by one of my favorite area yarn stores, The Studio. There wasn't anything I needed in particular, but it's always fun to visit. I ended up purchasing this braid of locally-dyed roving from Jwrayco; it's a Columbia/Rambouillet cross, which sounded pretty interesting to me! I'm pretty sure this will be in the Spinzilla spinning queue.
Finally, I have some exciting news on the Shalloboi/Field of Flowers 7" Single Series front: our next single in the series arrived earlier this week! This was originally supposed to be the first single, but some stuff happened (i.e. the original pressing plant decided to take our deposit and not produce the single, something they did to a ton of bands before someone finally posted a PSA around the interwebs that they had closed up shop and we no longer pressing records, all the while accepting deposits).
We'd already started production on the second single (which ended up being released first...could this be more confusing?!) with a different plant that we ended up liking, so decided to give the cursed first single another go with them. Thankfully, we had better luck this time! They were running a randomly-colored vinyl special, so each single is completely unique - some are blue, some are green, some are an army green/brown color, and some are swirled versions of these colors. They're quite pretty! Tyler had already hand-silkscreened the covers in anticipation of their arrival, so they are ready to go and already listed for sale on our website. You can also listen to when you visit our site, if that's the kind of thing you're into.

Thanks for stopping by this week - for more FO Friday inspiration, visit the Tami's Amis blog!

Have a crafty weekend! 


  1. gorgeous roving! Those hats look super warm and cuddly.

  2. Exciting posts for a lot of reasons. Love the hats and now I need to spin up more yarn so that I can make some. Love your music. You guys have a very unique sound.