Friday, September 13, 2013

FO Friday: Handspun Edition

It's pretty tough to resist a big bag of newly-purchased fibers, but I made myself finish the project I'd been working on in preparation for Spinzilla (clearing out leftover singles from bobbins) before allowing myself to start a new spinning project. I had various odds and sods which became four mini skeinlets, all of which I'm sure will make cute little critters at some point:
I spent a very lovely Sunday afternoon spinning on my back porch with Lauren, each of us using one of the fibers we'd purchased the day before in Wisconsin. I spun these three singles from the Sunrise and Salsa Falkland roving I'd purchased at the Hearthside Fibers Booth. The fiber was delightful to spin, very easy and lofty and I loved how the colors spun up in a single.
On Tuesday night, I plied them together:
Now I just have to find the perfect project for my pretty new yarn!

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Have a crafty weekend!


  1. Love your new yarn! It has the perfect candy corn color combo!

  2. Your handspun yarns are gorgeous! Love the colors. I can't wait to learn how to ply.

  3. Those are all beautiful!