Monday, November 11, 2013

30 Day Sweater Wrap-up

I haven't gotten a chance to properly wrap up my 30 Day Sweater Challenge experience from last month, so now that I've had plenty of time to collect my thoughts, I thought I'd take today to finally blog about it.

I have been wearing my 30 Day Sweater pretty much every day since I finished it (it's already pilling a little!). October was such an inspiring month for me because of this KAL - I can't say enough good things. I was even inspired enough to take the pieces of a sweater that I'd knit in August and September of this year and finally finished it the weekend after the 30 Day Sweater challenge ended, so now I have TWO wearable sweaters for this fall.

On a professional level, I worked with Johnny and Lacie to connect them with prize donors and morning show guests from my client base. They were so great about mentioning the sponsors and telling folks to thank them and share the love, which I think is win-win for everyone. Through my correspondence with them and by watching the morning show, I felt like I got to know the Yarn Nation crew; I don't think you can find a group of people who are more excited about knitting!

I've knitted several sweaters over the years, but I've never made an adult-sized sweater one month. The 30 Day Sweater framework broke everything down into manageable daily tasks, which I think was key in completing my sweater on time. Another factor which helped immensely was the community of fellow KAL-ers: I'm kind of a competitive person, so I wanted to keep up with the challenge, and knowing that I was sharing my progress online (which was then shared on the morning show) held me accountable and gave me that little extra push to keep going. Being able to see others' progress was also helpful; there were some really amazing sweaters being created with the 30 Day framework.

One more aspect I'd like to single out is the level of support that was available along the way - during every morning show and virtual knit night, Johnny and Lacie would set aside some time to answer questions from participants; if there was something that couldn't be addressed in the time allowed, they would help troubleshoot via email or their Ravelry group.

Now that the KAL is over, I am kicking my holiday gift-making into high gear, but I am already planning my next 30 Day Sweater. This time, I'll be using the framework to design it myself! Johnny and Lacie very kindly sent me my very own 30 Day Sweater tote bag; I've put the yarn for my next 30 Day Sweater in it (which I'll be designing with the framework) so that it's ready for whenever I finish my holiday gift-making!

You can start your very own 30 Day Sweater any time; click here to download a free sweater-planning guide which includes a discount code for 25% off your purchase of the 30 Day Sweater Workbook!

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