Monday, November 4, 2013

VK Live Chicago #1

I've been looking forward to Vogue Knitting Live's return to Chicago all year; it's so nice to have a show of this caliber that is easy to get to for us non-car-owning city folk (I won't bore you with the same plea as last year, but if the good people at XRX are listening - please move Stitches Midwest back to Rosemont).

This year, I didn't sign up to be a booth helper, and I only shopped the Marketplace on Sunday morning in an attempt to minimize damage to my bank account; my main goal was to see my clients and friends, take photos, and test my resolve to not come home with a truckload of yarn. To that end, I think I was fairly successful - here's what I came home with:
My biggest splurge was the limited-edition Super Mario Slipped Stitch Studios sock project bag from the Windy Knitty Booth; I'm so glad they had a few left when I stopped by on Sunday morning! I had seen these project bags earlier this year when they were for sale in a limited run in the Slipped Stitch Studios etsy shop; at the time, I wasn't able to buy one, so I was pretty excited to see I had a second chance to get one this weekend.

I've been wanting to try the new Weekend Wool from Green Mountain Spinnery; I might make two-color mittens with these two skeins, or I might wait til the new year when I can justify buying two more colors to make these colorwork mittens from their new ebook.

Finally, I bought a skein of yarn that is pretty uncharacteristic for me: gold sparkly yarn isn't usually in my wheelhouse, but I want to crochet a C-3PO and I think it would be super cool to use metallic yarn to do the job right. I'm planning to split the skein (Filatura di Crosa's New Smoking) in two and work with two strands using this pattern from Lucy Ravenscar. The ladies in the Friends & Fiberworks booth were quite nice and had a really great selection of yarns (many of which are available in their new online store), plus they even threw in a handy needle gauge with my yarn purchase!

Tomorrow I'll be sharing part two of my VK Live experience which will be all about the artist installations and Chicagoland stores who had booths at the show. Below is a sneak peek - I hope you'll come back to check it out!

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