Monday, August 3, 2015

July Goals / August Goals

August already?! It's time to check back in on the previous months' goals and set some new ones for the month ahead. This summer has been insanely busy in ways I could (or would) have never predicted. Even with my attempt at a "stress-free" list of goals for July, I was only marginally successful in my quests...but at least I didn't stress about it, which is totally fine by me!

Well, at least I had a successful Tour de Fleece!
1. Spin with Team Cloudlover for the Tour de Fleece. 100% achieved! 

2. Spend a few hours each weekend working on design ideas. 50% achieved; the last few weeks I've been working on a project which took precedence over everything else because it's a display piece for Stitches Midwest. 

3. Try to make some more of the small projects which have been in my queue for a while. Kinda sorta....I made several small projects in July, but they weren't from patterns that have been languishing in my queue. However, they do fulfill the next goal...

4. Destash! All of the small projects from Goal #3 (baby mocs and the Adventures in Mochimochiland critters) fulfilled this requirement!

5. Continue to add to the scrap yarn blanket. I only added two squares for July. TWO. Oops!

Am I crazy, or does this whole goal-setting thing seems to serve only one purpose these days: to remind me that the best laid plans often go astray?! 

I'm a little reticent to set even more goals for August, because work and life in general are really heating up: Stitches Midwest is this coming weekend, I started two new clients for this month, we have an employee who will be going on maternity leave so I'll be taking on some extra work while she's on babycation, I'll be taking on more tech editing projects, and my in-laws are doing the whole monthlong visit thing starting mid-month. Oh, and the next Wave of Babies has commenced, so the list of baby stuff to knit continues to grow (good thing those projects are usually pretty quick!). Honestly, I think I'll be winning at life if I can come through the other side of August with my sanity intact.  

The flipside of being crazy busy is that I find that I usually get more done because I am a lot more efficient across the board: I know I don't have a single second to spare, so I make a concerted effort to maximize each one. I'm not really a procrastinator by nature, but a sense of urgency can really do wonders for kicking one's butt in gear.

So, just in case my theory is true, here are my goals for next month:


1. Finish the flax spinning project-in-progress on my wheel. This one's left over from the Tour de Fleece, and it took a back seat once the Tour was over and I switched gears to working on my Stitches Midwest project full-force. 

2. Release a new pattern this month. It's pretty ridiculous that I haven't self-published any new patterns in the last several months - believe me, it's not for lack of ideas!

3. Finalize my holiday knitting plans. I've actually decided to purchase most of my gifts this year because I know I simply can't make enough things for gifting purposes. However, there are a few projects I do want to make if time allows, and planning ahead right now is probably my best bet at making that happen. 

4. Start some projects with handspun yarn. I've already picked out some patterns to put my recently-finished handspun skeins to work, so it shouldn't be too much of a leap to cast on a few new projects this month! 

5. Show the scrap yarn blanket some love! I'm sure it's feeling rather neglected these days. 

I think five goals is my limit for each month going that should be enough to guide my crafting in August (I hope). Well, until the next unexpected thing pops up to distract me, that is! 

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  1. Very nice TdF stash. I had a great time on Team Canada, etc.
    Where is your prep for Spinzilla? :-) I plan to start this month to get some more fibre dyed. I am looking forward to see if I can keep up with my last year total.
    Carol (jerushae)