Friday, July 22, 2016

FO Friday: Thanks for the Memories

One year and five months after starting my worsted weight Cozy Memories Blanket, it is officially in the "done" category! It's such a huge relief to have this project done, and I love the results. Of course, it could have been done much sooner if I had worked on it more consistently, but that's neither here nor there. The point is: it's done, I love it, and it looks great on our new couch!
The finished blanket is 9x13 squares for a grand total of 117. I used this free pattern from Ravelry to knit modular mitered squares with all of my scrap yarn. I made a point to spend some time weaving in ends every so often so that I didn't cross the knitting finish line, only to have a nightmare of ends to weave in all at once. Clearly, Tilly appreciates the effort, and I was pretty happy to realize that I only had two rows with ends to weave in when I reached the finish line.
Now I'm fighting the mad urge not to start a new scrap yarn blanket project, if you can believe it. I still have LOT of yarn in my cozy memories bin, but I don't think I'd do another blanket like this one. I'm actually considering a few options to eat up these yarn leftovers, such as Garter Squish, a scrap yarn version of either Izzy or Bounce, or this pretty crocheted blanket I spotted on Instagram.
If I can, I'm going to try to enjoy not having a long-term project on the needles for a while before I cast on again!


  1. It is beautiful!!! Great job!

  2. amazing!!! what a fantastic accomplishment, the blanket looks gorgeous.