Wednesday, July 6, 2016

WIP Wednesday: Off With A Bang

The big news is that my cozy memories blanket is off the needles - it just need to have a few ends woven in and then get a nice blocking before I can officially call it done. Whew! It's a weight off my shoulder, that's for sure, and I'm pretty relieved to start July off with this project nearly crossed off my list. Now that I don't have to think about it, I can focus on chipping away at the many sock projects I have on the needles, as much as my hand/arm issues will allow. If I knit slowly enough and in short enough sessions, I can make a tiny bit of progress to inch towards my goal. For instance, over the holiday weekend, I reached HO status for the bright green BFL socks:
I'm still plugging away on the Baa Ram Ewe cowl, which is just past the halfway point:
Of course, for most of this month I will also be focusing some of my free time to spinning - last Saturday, the Tour de Fleece kicked off, and I decided to start off with some Targhee from Yarn Geek Fibers in the Curry Up! colorway. It took three days to spin through the 4 oz braid, after which I began to spin the other 4oz Targhee I bought from the Yarn Geek booth at Ply Away which is a gradient colorway. I'm planning to ply both of them together.
See you back here on Friday when I share my finished Three-Color Cashmere Cowl!

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  1. love that green sock! I can't believe you have finished a blanket, I feel like I might never finish the baby blanket I started for James when I was still pregnant (he's now 7 months). Your handspun is looking beautiful, love the sunset colours.