Wednesday, December 8, 2010

how to stay warm...

...when you don't have any heat because the repairman broke the heater when he came over to 'fix' it, and the actual part they need is on backorder til friday (and that's presupposing he knows what to do with said part)!

1.  make a pot of hot tea, drink while wrapping gifts.  be filled with the spirit of the holidays!  and caffeine.

 2.  listen to some good music.  this is my 'listening pile,' filled with records i got for my birthday, and a few i picked up on impulse the last time i was at reckless.
 3.  find a sun puddle to warm you up.  this one appears to be at capacity, however. 

4.  make some tiny snowmen! 

pattern:  teeny-tiny mochimochi snowmen pattern
yarn:  pick up sticks small balls

5.  carbo-load.  you'll need the extra insulation, and beer makes everything better. 

5.  snuggle a cat and bust out the hand-knits.  i'm wearing my honey cowl, my owl cardigan , and some noro stockinette socks. 

6.  heat up your clothes in the dryer before you get dressed in the morning.  we're lucky to have free washers & dryers in our place! 

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