Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

Entree to Entrelac: The Definitive Guide from a Biased Knitter1.  Learn entrelac! Armed with Gwen Bortner's latest book, I am confident I can master this technique. 

2.  Get my teeth cleaned.  For serious.  Like many people, I hate going to the dentist more than anything else, but I can put it off no longer. 

3.  Get a physical.  It's been a while...longer than I'd care to admit.  Not a good thing to put off!

4.  Start working through the design to-do list in earnest....because it keeps getting longer.

5.  Knit Tyler a sweater.  Finally, after ten and a half years of us being together, he will finally have a hand-knit sweater!  Albeit, it will look like all of his other sweaters (a black V-neck, perhaps with some ribs, but nothing fancy - he's just a basic guy.)  But this one will be extra warm and made with love!!

 6.  Master colorwork knitting.  I've made several colorwork projects that have turned out quite nicely, but specifically, I want to be able to knit a pair of socks that I can fit over my heel.  I just got Melissa Leapman's book for christmas, so should at least be on the right path.

7.  As always - destash, destash, destash.  This will be the third year of keeping track of projects made with yarn I shopped for in my stash.   In 2009, I completed 64 knitting projects with yarn from my stash.   In 2010, I only made 24 projects (with a stash-funded sweater still in progress)...which I suppose answers my question as to why there is still so much yarn in my stash!  Clearly, 2010 was more about re-stashing than de-stashing.  I suppose I can also claim (or blame) the influx of design work for the huge discrepancy in destashed FO's between the last two years.  There is also the issue of yarn that has been gifted to me, which I'm never sure if it counts as That Which Can Be Destashed.  My feeling is, the year it's given to me, no, but in the years that follow it can be counted as TWCBD. 

At any rate, my goal for destashed FO's for 2011 is going to be an immodest, improbable, and quite possibly insane figure of 100.  I'm all for blowing 2009 out of the water, and hitting triple digits would just feel good! 

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