Monday, December 27, 2010

santa's got a knitting bag

enjoying some holiday catnip
ohhh man, was santa ever good to me this year.  i received many thoughtful, useful and fantastic non-knitting gifts this year, to be sure.  tyler and i had a great time in kansas city, and though it was quite the whirlwind trip, we packed a lot into the three days we spent in town.  i was quite productive on the train ride to and fro (more on that, and my trip to the yarn shop, in a later post!).  better yet, when we got home, the cats were both happy to see us and robin looked healthy and well-hydrated (which we were a bit concerned about - he didn't receive any fluids while we were gone, but followed the vet's instruction to give him extra fluids the day we left town, and then get him caught up when we returned.  we now know that we can leave town for 3 days and he will be ok, which is a small comfort.  that is, however, probably our max.)

at any rate, there are some new, enticing additions to my knitting library - i hardly know what to cast on first!  

top to bottom:  Brave New Knits by Julie Turjoman, Mastering Color Knitting by Melissa Leapman, and Twisted-Stitch Knitting by Maria Erlbacher.

not only that, but there was a knit simple magazine stuffed into my stocking, and next year i'll be having some rebecca danger monster ornaments on our christmas tree!

as if all of these things weren't enough, i got some fun gadjets and organizational things as well.  first off - a project bag based on a japanese lunch bag - it's like origami for my sock projects:

i also received some extra cords and needle tips for my interchangeable needle set, a magnetic namaste carrying case, a knit kit for all of my on-the-go knitting, and some notebooks to keep track of all of my design ideas, gift knitting, etc. (not pictured:  more sock blockers!)

not to mention, while i was away, my copies of malabrigo book 3 arrived in the mail!  it's christmas in spades around here. 

last but not least - tyler got me some lovely skeins of quince & co. yarn, which i have been dying to try!  it's always good to have a husband who knows the way to your heart, although a fairly specific wishlist also doesn't hurt (he did pick out the colors himself, though!).  

2 skeins of chickadee in honey
3 skeins of osprey in peacock


  1. Wow, such great gifts, you're a lucky knitter!

  2. Indeed, I am - though I must admit, many of these spoils were thanks to maintaining a very specific wishlist - I'd love the shake the hand of the genius who invented the "universal wishlist" feature.