Thursday, December 16, 2010

randomness - not just knitting

it's crunch time - i just realized i have less than a week before i leave town for the holidays, and of course, not enough time to accomplish all that i need to do before that happens.  i'm sure 99% of the population is in the same boat (or a similar one) as i am right now.  at any rate, here's a summary of what's been shaking this past week:

1.  shalloboi played our holiday show at martyr's on monday.  this is the first time merilee has played cello with us, and we didn't have a whole lot of prep time beforehand - everyone's schedule has been understandably crazy this month, so we really only had one full-band practice prior to the show.  and yet, it went really well - perhaps better than if we were feeling well-rehearsed - sometimes a little fear is good for you.  check out this video clip and judge for yourself!

2.  robin is doing well - he has to get fluids every day now, but he's still fighting the good fight.  he's even mildly tolerating the taking of pills - i suspect the mild resistance i've been getting is just for show.  i might be deluding myself, though!  tilly is also doing well - she doesn't seem to begrudge robin the extra attention he's been getting - though she does try to eat his special food when i'm not looking.  better that than the other way around! 

3.  caitlin knit a beautiful scarf for me for my birthday, and i just have to share a photo because it's really amazing.  yes...i am apparently still milking the never-ending birthday.  i'm going for the record.  i have no idea what pattern this is, or what yarn she used - will try to find out and post later.  all i know is, if i tried to knit this for myself, it wouldn't turn out nearly this good.  love, love, love it. 

4.  the malabrigo book 3 is coming!  i know i've been saying this every other week, and that's really not news.  but  a preview has just been posted on their website - check it out, it's pretty cool!  my designs are the ostrich toy, the felted handbag, and orange ribby socks.  yet another reason to look forward to 2011. 

5.  cooking up a new sock pattern - will be submitting it to the twist collective for fall 2011.  if they don't take it, i'll most likely be self-publishing.  it's actually something i've been gestating for a while (ie, til i had the time to devote to it - and now that all of the holiday knitting is done, there is no time like the present!).  i'm also starting to get my design to-do list in order for next year.  there's a lot of things in the hopper, and i'm chomping at the bit to get cracking!  now that i know how to better arrange my time for an entire year, i anticipate things being less haphazard on my end.  it may not seem like that to anyone else - also, i doubt anyone else is paying attention and cares - but i like to use all of my time efficiently, and i prefer to plan ahead so that there isn't a mad rush to get things done.  for example, i start my holiday knitting in july.  i might be starting in january this year, since i'll probably spend the summer working on design proposals for fall and winter, if this year is any indication. 

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