Sunday, September 18, 2011

Renegade Craft Fair Recap

I've been remiss in posting about Renegade Craft Fair last weekend.  All of the car nonsense kind of distracted me last week - but it's time to return to my regularly scheduled blogging.

I'm sure it's no surprise to learn that I had a modest budget for Renegade this year, but I think I made my dollars count.  As always, there were lots of cool things I'd like to have purchased - lovely-smelling soaps, nifty ceramics, and some really cool terrariums (there were two vendors of terrariums this year - and very few items with birds on them, now that I think of it.  Way to go, Portlandia!). 

Everything I purchased fit perfectly in this wee canvas tote bag, which I bought from Alysson at The Sweatshop of Love.  Her mom hand-stamps them, and it's absolutely perfect for taking a sock project on-the-go....which brings us to item #2:  my annual Rhino Fluff purchase!

Last year, you may recall the amazing blue skein of silky sock yarn I purchased from Rhino Fluff.  This past May, that skein of yarn became a Pogona Shawl - the perfect project to show off the lovely hand-dyed variation in the skein (which reminds me...I need to take some better photos of said shawl!)

I was psyched when I saw the Rhino Fluff booth, even though I knew it would be bad news for my budget!  When I spied this rich tobacco-colored skein of yarn, there was no way I could talk myself out of buying it.  I'm weak-willed when it comes to yarn - especially if it's superwash sock.  I have no idea what this yarn wants to be (YET!), but I'm certain I won't wait so long before I knit it this time around.

Finally, my search for the perfect birthday present for my Dad ended: once I saw this Chicago Dog T-shirt, I knew I'd found what I'd been looking for.   Every time my parents come to visit, we make sure to grab a hot dog somewhere.  The first year they came up to Chicago, we spent half a day taking mass transit to Superdawg (and it was worth it!).  The last time they visited, we went to a place over in Lincoln Park whose name escapes me (not Wiener's Circle).  This year?  We'll be in line at Hot Doug's at 10 AM on a Saturday morning (I haven't informed them of this yet, but it's gonna happen!).

Besides Renegade and The Great Car Debacle, last weekend was also filled with tasty food and beer.  We headed to the German American Festival in Lincoln Square on Saturday afternoon for litres of beer - the best way I know to welcome autumn.  On Sunday, we headed to the farmer's market by our house to get delicious crepes for breakfast and some fresh veggies for dinner.  I still haven't gotten over the novelty of having weekends off again - I'm sold on the concept!  Tyler is enjoying having the occasional weekend day off himself - his new work schedule has been giving him Sundays off lately, and we find it to be quite agreeable!


  1. I'd love a blog post with just photos of Tyler and food!

  2. I think that's another blog entirely - but don't think I won't do that some day!!