Monday, October 15, 2012


I can prolong the inevitable no longer: I have a ton of hand-knit socks in need of repair. After years of serving me and my husband well, many of our warm winter socks have holes that have relegated them to the "someday I'll fix it" pile. Actually, let's call a spade a spade: it's really the "ignore it" pile.

Mending is my most hated task; I have umpteen socks and even a few sweaters that would be good as new if I would just spend an afternoon or two fixing a few minor holes or missing buttons!

My goal is to spend a few hours of each weekend darning socks and getting my hand-knit sweaters ready for winter wear. If I employ the 'bird by bird' approach, the likelihood of this getting done is much higher than if I were to attempt spending one entire weekend on the project. Hopefully this isn't faulty logic, but it's the best I've got at the moment.

Here's my "going-to-fix-it" pile:

Do you have a lot of hand-knits in need of repair, too? You can join in on the Darn-A-Thon fun - just share your progress by commenting on my blog or posting on my Facebook or Twitter feed! 


  1. So timely! I just Frankensteined a pair of my son's socks that he both outgrew and trashed the toes.
    Now he's got another pair that need the same thing!

  2. Ok, Darn-A-Thon 2012 is officially happening! I just started a project in Ravelry to track my progress - I figured it would keep me motivated if I had to keep track in a semi-public forum!