Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Pinspiration

Happy October! Fall is one of my favorite seasons, with winter being a close second (I know I'm probably in the minority on that one). I've already started bringing out the hand-knits and wearing some of the new socks and cowls I spent the summer knitting whenever I can. It's a great time of year to be a knitter!

There are so many amazing patterns coming out right now that it's going to make it tough to stick to my holiday gift and baby knitting list.  I'm looking pretty good for my holiday knitting, but I have three friends who are expecting - a total of four babies to knit for! It's time to focus, and not let anything bright and shiny distract me.

And yet, my Pinterest account suggests otherwise. I've been coming across such great new patterns and unearthing some previously undiscovered ones along the way, so naturally  my Ravelry queue is threatening to return to eight pages once more. Perhaps the only way I've avoided that inevitability is to pin something instead of queueing it.

As of presstime, I've managed to resist startitis, having still only 3 WIPS on the needles: a super-secret test knit, a pair or socks, and a monkey (more on those last two this Wednesday!). But oh! such things I would knit it I had all the time in the world - I certainly have all the yarn in the world!

Here are a few recent highlights from Pinterest to get your needles moving!

Hats & Mitts to Knit:

Scarves & Cowls:

And my newest board, For the Babies:

There have also been some wonderful tutorials my fellow crafters have shared via their blogs & youtube. I have collected my favorites on my Free Advice board:

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