Friday, October 12, 2012

FO Friday: Twice as Nice!

Why make something twice? It's generally not in my nature to knit or crochet a pattern over and over again, but lately the familiarity of an easy-to-make design is something I've been craving. I was so delighted with my Fresh Stitches CAL project Jack the Tiny Pumpkin, that I decided to make him a friend:

I had a similar experience with Cookie A's Lateral Socks; there is something about this pattern that I found immensely, I could tote it along wherever I went, sans instructions. For my second pair, I subbed in a speedy short-row garter stitch heel and garter toe. These socks were the perfect project for long (or short) trips on the CTA.
Of course, finishing two projects this week means I get to start some new ones...right?


  1. Lateral's definitely on my list (or in my queue) so it's good to hear it so positively reviewed. Two projects done?!!! CAST ON! CAST ON TWO for good measure!

  2. I made one of those pumpkins last year! I gave it away as a blog was a great, quick crochet...two projects! Excellent....