Wednesday, October 3, 2012

WIP Wednesday

I have only three projects on the needles (one of which is top secret)! In my effort to focus on my holiday gift knitting AND post-holiday knitting for the 2013 babies, four in all, I've been fending off startitis and my natural inclination for selfish knitting. So far, so good, anyway.

I'm nearly to the heel on sock #2 of my second pair of Cookie A's Lateral Socks; this pair I'm knitting with a skein of Valley Yarns Charlemont Kettle Dyed in Dusk. I'm pretty sure I bought this yarn from the Webs booth at Stitches a few years ago (not this past one, as I only walked away from the Market with a few braids of handpainted fiber). I love this sock pattern! It's easy to memorize, and this time I'm doing a garter short-row heel and a garter toe, which you may recognize from the Jelly Beans Socks I recently finished. Those socks knit up so much faster when I didn't have to full with a heel flap, picking up stitches, and gusset shaping. Now I understand the allure of the short-row heel!

I'm also working on Rebecca Danger's Jerry the Musical Monkey. I'll be knitting lots of stuffed toys from now til the end of the year; if any parents-to-be happen to be reading this blog, they have a one in  three chance of seeing something that will ultimately be residing in their nursery (I say 'one in three' because one of my friends is having fraternal twins!).  I'm ok with those odds, which are probably more like one in 20 or 30, since I'm pretty sure they have many other things on their to-do list, and keeping up with the blogosphere is probably not one of them!


  1. The socks are fantastic! Don't you love Cookie A patterns.
    I can't wait to see your monkey completed. He's going to be so cute.

  2. Love your Lateral socks. I think that might be one of my Socktober patterns. I like doing short row heels, but I don't find there's enough stretch to get the sock over my heel and ankle. So it's heel flaps and gussets for me!