Monday, April 28, 2014

Thanks + Feedback!

Thanks to everyone who placed an order for my virtual Thirty-One party which ends today! Below is a reminder of how to place your order through my event; Callie will be submitting your orders tonight and your awesome stuff will begin shipping out later this week.

Since I haven't ever done anything like this on my blog before, I'd like to ask for your feedback:

  • Did you like the products and tips featured? 
  • Was it easy for you to place your order? 
  • Did you think there were too many or too few posts dedicated to Thirty-One? 
  • Is there a better time of year when you would like to see this type of event (i.e. the holiday season, back-to-school, etc.)? 

If you can please take a few moments to share your thoughts in the comments, that will help me to plan future content, events and promotions which are of interest to YOU!

How to Join The Party
You can view the Thirty-One catalog here. To place your order through my virtual party, point your browser and click on "My Events." You'll see "Stefanie's 31derful Party" as an option  - simply click "shop now" and you're ready to go! 

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