Monday, April 21, 2014

Knitting Bag Essentials!

Hi all! I hope you are still as excited about Thirty-One as I am (and if you aren't, I promise to return to my regularly-scheduled blogging next week)! Today, I wanted to talk about The Perfect Knitting Bag.

If you're like me, you are always on the prowl for the shangri-la of carry-alls, and it can be quite a tall order to fill: lots of compartments and pockets, roomy without being ginormous and rivaling that of a suitcase, comfortable to wear and carry, and most of's got to look cute, too!

As I mentioned before, the cute & roomy Thirty-One bags my friend Julie had when she last visited were what inspired me to check out the website and decide to host a virtual party. As I'm sure she can personally attest, they fit the above criteria for The Perfect Knitting Bag, plus they are durable, too!

There are several sizes and styles to suit pretty much every taste, and here are a few of my favorites:

Retro Metro Foldover: there are two pockets on the front and an interior zipper compartment (which is tablet-sized); if you're working on a large project, it can be carried as a tote, or you can take a smaller project on-the-go and fold over the top to wear the bag as a crossbody. There are three fun prints, but I have my eye on this neutral gray option!

All-Pro Tote: I know I already mentioned this (it's only available this month!), but this would make a totally great knitting bag! It's got five pockets and a separate compartment which could safely house your WIP away from everything else, no project bag needed!

Zip-Top Utility Tote: while this bag is definitely on the larger end of the spectrum, I keep envisioning it as a way to store my WIPS at home next to my knitting nook. There are seven pockets and a zipper closer would keep curious cats at bay(or dogs or long as they don't know how to work a zipper!); that's certainly an attractive feature. Plus, all I have to do is grab and go when I'm heading off to knit night!

Need a refresher on how to place your order for my Virtual Thirty-One Party? Click here!

Stefanie's Knitting Bag Essentials

One of my colleagues just turned me onto knolling, which is quite possibly the weirdest term I've ever heard for "taking a photo of stuff arranged in a very anal-retentive way." That's not the exact defnition, but at any rate, it inspired me to take the above photo of everything I deem essential when knitting on-the-go: 

  • My business card holder, which is super professional - sock monkeys on pogo sticks!
  • Various stitch markers
  • A tape measure
  • A crochet hook for fixing dropped stitches; I have a fix-a-stitch tool.
  • Lip Balm
  • Row counter
  • Lavishea lotion bar - I hate having dry hands when I knit!
  • Cable needle
  • Nail file for fixing rough edges so that nails don't catch on your work; Thirty-One has similar files with fun prints on them, FYI!
  • The Knit Kit - this little gadget has everything you need while on-the-go, including some of the items above (row counter, crochet hook, tape measure. It also includes a small pair of scissors and a compartment where I stash darning needles, stitch markers and the tightening key for my interchangeables.
  • My design notebook!

What are YOUR knitting bag essentials?

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