Friday, April 4, 2014

FO Friday: The Scarf is DONE!

It is with great excitement that I declare: Tyler's scarf of doom is done!
Though you can't really tell in this photo, he's pretty happy with how it turned out (as am I) and I know that he will use it for years to come, which makes it worth the while. But knitting a pitch-black rectangular scarf is most definitely a labor of love for me, one that I will do for precious few other people in my life.
Those that know Tyler are aware that pretty much everything he wears is black: shirt, pants, socks, shoes, hoodie, messenger get the idea. He did manage to come up with a good contrasting t-shirt for the photo shoot, however, which I greatly appreciate!
The cable pattern is reversible and was quite easy to memorize - plus it made the monotony of knitting a never-ending scarf quite bearable! If I ever had to knit another rectangular scarf again, I would certainly have this pattern (the Pavement Scarf from Brooklyn Tweed) in my top 5 list of patterns to consider.
In other news, I whipped up this pair of fingerless mitts last weekend when I decided to finally tackle on of my to-do list items for 2014: learn Tunisian crochet! I used a free pattern geared towards beginners by Rohn Strong (found here on the Knitter's Pride blog) and a leftover skein of Bijou Bliss yarn; combined with my intermediate crochet skills and the ability to follow directions, I had a pair of mitts in just a few hours' time! I am hoping to explore Tunisian a little bit more in the months to come with the hope that I can amass enough skills and confidence to attempt this shawl, for which I have already purchased the yarn and hook!

I am really excited for this weekend's YarnCon here in Chicago for some unnecessary (but fun!) stash enhancement. I'll be sure to share my event photos and stash acquisitions with you on Monday - plus I will also have an exciting announcement to share with you, so stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping by this week - for FO Friday inspiration, visit the Tami's Amis blog.

Have a crafty weekend! 

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