Monday, August 4, 2014

Conversation Socks Pre-Order

Today, I'm bursting at the seams because I finally get to reveal a project I've been working on since January of this year: an eBook comprised of five unisex sock designs called Conversation Socks!

I dreamed up this project because I find myself with less and less time to devote to holiday gift knitting, but I know that my family members love and cherish the gifts I make them, especially socks! By choosing sport weight yarn and US #3 needles, each sock knits up quickly and produces a mid-weight fabric that is nice and toasty without being bulky.

Each pattern was created with the express purpose of being simple enough for knitting on-the-go, but interesting enough to keep you engaged. These patterns are perfect for your morning commute, knit night, or a trip out of town! They don't require huge, hard-to-follow charts or incredibly complicated techniques. Instead, they take the basic building blocks that the average knitter has at their disposal to create five designs the whole family will love.

Indeed, all five of these patterns were designed to be good, basic socks that both men and women would love to have in their sock drawers. These unisex patterns rely on textured stitches and cables; if you are a lover of lace, I apologize - you won't find a single eyelet or lace chart in the whole lot! This was a conscious choice, as most of the men I know wouldn't be thrilled to get a sock with eyelets or lace on it, and to be honest, I'm not a huge fan of lacy socks myself (if anything because they tend to wear out faster).

At any rate, I have spent the last eight months designing and knitting these socks with care, and I am very excited to introduce the first two to the world:
Persuasive Socks by Stefanie Goodwin-Ritter
Knit with Valley Yarns Northampton Sport
Retort Socks by Stefanie Goodwin-Ritter
Knit with Malabrigo Arroyo

Today, I'm giving everyone a chance to pre-order ALL FIVE sock designs for the low price of just $10. I'll be releasing the remaining three patterns as editing and layout is complete, and each time that I do, the pre-order price will increase until the final pattern is released. The full collection will then be for sale for the full price of $18, so this is an excellent deal for all five patterns if you purchase now! All patterns will be out by the end of October at the absolute latest.

You will receive both patterns pictured above for immediate download and updates for each subsequent pattern as they are published.

I will be sharing sneak peeks of the remaining three sock designs on Facebook and Instagram; you can also click here to follow my blog or sign up for my newsletter for up-to-the-minute updates on Conversation Socks!

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