Monday, August 18, 2014

Join #TeamLouet for Spinzilla this fall!

Spinner registration is open now for Spinzilla and we're saving a spot for you on #TeamLouet! Last year, we cracked the top 10 for most yardage spun together as a team, and this year we'd like to exceed our 2013 total and unseat Team Fancy Tiger Craft!

To join our team for 2014, just click here to register via the TNNA website. The cost is $10, and it goes to an excellent cause to foster the spinners of tomorrow!

If you have a Louet wheel or some Louet fiber, that is great -  however, it is not a requirement for joining our team, and you'll have plenty of chances to win Louet fiber during the competition itself! This year, we'll be introducing several new awards within our own team for categories such as spinning the most natural fibers, taking the prettiest finished skein photo, and most adventurous spinner.

This year, spinners who choose to ply their singles will receive a credit which counts towards their total yardage, which is a change I myself am pretty excited about since I had a limited number of bobbins (and ended up plying several projects during Spinzilla last year).

There is also a new event-wide category called the Monster Mile Club, where each spinner who spins a mile of yarn (1,760 yards) during the event is entered into a prize drawing!

I'll be sharing more details between now and October 6, when Spinzilla kicks off. Trust me,  you'll want to be a part of it all!

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  1. Hi, Stephanie. I'm looking forward to watching your progress in Spinzilla. I'm not a spinner, but it is fun to see all your updates. Do you know what the name of the music is for the video linked above? I've checked both the actual YouTube video and the site, but no one credits the music (at least, that I can find). Thanks!