Monday, August 25, 2014

What To Do If Your Stuffie Loses An Eye

Today I'm going to share my possibly-clever tip for bringing a stuffie back from the brink of a sad, one-eyed existence. Recently, one of my "couch monsters" (also known as cat beds in these parts) lost one of his safety eyes. It just popped out one day, quite randomly!
Two-eyed couch monster: those were the days!
I suppose it was bound to happen after years of having his face kneaded into the optimum sleeping conditions by certain feline companions. I couldn't locate the washer that was undoubtedly still located inside his body, and I wasn't about to perform some sort of crazy surgery to reinstall the safety eye. So, I dreamed up the perfect fix: Piratification (trademark pending).

I crocheted him an eye patch! How had I not thought of that sooner?! It was super simple to do - here's what I did:

Using a small amount of worsted-weight yarn and an E crochet hook (I am a crazy-loose crocheter; feel free to use whatever hook size works best for your yarn and crocheting style!) and starting with magic loop, ch 2. 

SC 6 sts in second stitch from hook.
Next rnd: *SC twice in 1 st, repeat from * 5 more times - 12 sts.

I stopped here, but you could make your eye patch slightly bigger by crocheting one more round like so: *SC twice in 1 st, repeat from * 11 more times - 24 sts.

I used the yarn ends to attach to the Monster's face, then kept embroidering the strings for the eye patch completely around to the back of Mr. Monster's head.

He has now happily returned to his post as the primary cat pillow, although I did catch him having a jolly good time recently...not to propagate that whole "drunken pirate" stereotype.

Arr, Matey! 

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